About Us

Our company has been working in the professional beauty care market for many years, and over the years by offering a wide range of products and services the company has made a stable position in the professional beauty domain of Latvia. We have proven ourselves to be a competitive wholesale and service company providing professional beauty care products and services for hairdressers’, tanning studios and beauty salons.

We represent brands of well-known European manufacturers, such as: ART OF SUN tanning cosmetics, NEW TECHNOLOGY solarium lamps, CHILL* professional English hair cosmetics, HAIR FORCE hairdressers’ and beauty salon equipment, and other brands.

The goal of our company is a constant evolution, by offering our customers a wider range of products and services. The company has a strong and professional sales team, which provides our customers a flexible, friendly service and quick delivery of goods nationwide.

The employees of company La Ronde regularly supplement their knowledge and skills in the professional beauty industry workshops. We organize the beauty care staff training courses and marketing campaigns for beauty care goods and services. One of the main principles of our company is providing a high service level, a wide range of products offered and an individual approach to every customer.